Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Keeping my eyes on the finish line!

I always start things and forget about them. It isn't that I don't have the energy or don't have the gumption to forget but so often I start something, plan to come back to it and find it months later. Just for kicks, I just went through and posted all the drafts to my blog that I had started.

It also made me think more carefully about my life. I am not sure but I think God is nudging me to be better about keeping my eyes on the prize! I know it's very easy to get distracted - especially during this "information age". SO many things are vying for our attention and so often we give them our attention only to realize that things we need to do are not getting done.

Today I pray that I will keep my eyes on HIM, on what HE has given me to do, and on serving others!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Home Stretch (6/9/10

So many times it's easy to move our eyes from the goal. It's easy to get distracted by whatever is coming along the road as we journey through our lives. This has been very evident to me lately. Things come and cloud our vision and we take our eyes off the prize. I think that is why Paul said what he did about being a runner!

This year hasn't been easy but the goal was to get to the other side - kind of like the chicken honestly. . . . but we did it.

This year we made it through
1. 8 months of unemployment for our primary breadwinner
2. ME working outside of the home for the first time since having children
3. ME being in school for the first time since having children
4. Swim team practices and meets averaging 2 to 3 times a week
5. Homeschooling
6. Speech went from 2x's a week, to 1x a week, to now our son has the semester off
7. Chiropractor went from 2x's a week, to 1x a week, to twice a month
8. Shawn getting a new job almost an hour away while #2 was still going on

WOW. . . it's been a wild ride. While I am thrilled to have the summer to ourselves, we'll miss Baby A (see #2) and I think we may miss knowing that our future is unknown. There is something about resting fully in Christ for your every provision (when you don't have a job) that is very amazing. Especially when you see all your needs and many of your wants being Met. It reminds us that God is a benevolent father :)

So, on the homestretch, there is some nostalgia -- we are ready for a break but kind of sad to be here -- 2 days until I am done working outside the home for the year and have the summer off!

I have no clue why I started this now because I have a ton more to add to this but no time. . . . .